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From Office to Google - Helping the Process

As we are transitioning to Google, many teachers find it difficult to get away from the presentations they have always used in PowerPoint. While converting those PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides is not really difficult, at times transitions and formatting are lost. This is especially true in those presentations that contain more than just basic slides. To help with some of this, I have converted some TV game show presentations into Google Slides. They can be found on my website at Feel free to use these templates in your classes.

Also found on the website are the ELA Guidebook extension tasks you may have heard about. These lessons have all necessary content linked to the presentations. Rubrics are even attached. There are some Makerspace resources on this page as well.

If you are looking for some useful apps and extensions for Chrome, you should check out the following.

EDpuzzle is a great resource that allows you to clip videos and add questions and comments to YouTube videos. No need for students to watch an entire video without interacting with it anymore.

Share to Classroom extension allows you to send a website directly to your Google Classroom. All student in the class will automatically receive it. This can be a great tool because you can send collaborative pages such as Google Docs, Slides, or Drawings directly to your students as the need arises. This can be a great way to adjust instruction.

Let me know if you are using these resources in your classes. I would love to share your success stories. Make it a great week!

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