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Technology Session Descriptions

1 Hour Technology PD


Join us for a great learning opportunity about the Edcite assessment platform.  Edcite allows teachers to create technology enhanced questions and assignments and deliver those to students using this platform.  Thousands of assignments and questions are already created and can be used from the Edcite shared libraries. Teachers can also edit questions from the shared library or create their own questions. Question types include drag and drop, multiple choice, graphing, select text from passages, fractions, ordering, etc.  Classes can be imported from Google Classroom or added to Edcite using a code.  By the end of this session, attendees will be able to create their classes, create questions and assignments, assign those created assignments, and view score reports in various ways.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Interactive Whiteboards: ClassFlow

This session will demonstrate how your interactive whiteboard can easily be used as more than just a projector screen.  Use documents you have already created for your classroom and watch them become interactive.  Save screenshots of your board and send to students with the click of a button.  Annotate on everything from web pages to flipcharts you have already made. No previous interactive whiteboard experience necessary.  

2 Hour Technology PD

ELA/Social Studies Websites That Work

Key websites for ELA and Social Studies teachers will be explored and methods for implementation will be discussed.  Teachers will have time to create activities to be used in their classrooms and collaborate with other teachers.  

Math/Science Websites That Work

Key websites for Math and Science teachers will be explored and methods for implementation will be discussed.  Teachers will have time to create activities to be used in their classrooms and collaborate with other teachers.  

Google Advanced: Forms and Sheets

What can you do with Google Forms?  How can data be collected and analyzed using Sheets and Flubaroo?  Are there other add-ons that can be useful? Get answers to these questions and enjoy time to try out some of these features while you are in the session.  Session attendees should be comfortable with making basic Google Forms and administering those forms to groups of students or teachers. This is not a session for Google beginners.

Student Presenter Series (1 Hour Sessions)

Google Docs/Google Classroom

Organize your coursework in Google Classroom, share documents in Google Docs, and have students collaborate using Google Docs. Leave comments on student work without having to wait to hand back papers. Learn how to use Google Docs in your classroom from students who use it in theirs.

Google Slides/Google Classroom

Do you use PowerPoint in your classroom? Use Google Slides instead and have access to your files anywhere you can access the internet.  Have students collaborate through Google Slides and eliminate the extended time needed in class for students to create group presentations. Use revision history to see who contributed content and when they contributed. Turn presentations into digital collaboration opportunities.  



Provide your students a creative way to demonstrate knowledge in your classroom. This program is found on your MacBook and can provide students a way to show their innovative side. Students can create their own movies, instructional videos, and much more. Learn the ins and outs of iMovie from students who use it in their courses.  


Mac Tips and Tricks

There are many shortcuts when using your MacBook.  These students will show you the quickest ways to copy, paste, print, change screens, right click, and so much more. Leave with a handout of the shortcuts that you can use with your laptop.  

Research Methodologies

Students will demonstrate different tools and strategies they use when faced with a research project. They will walk through the process from start to finish, showing they use shared google docs, search engines, and source evaluation techniques to develop quality products.


Students will share how Schoology serves as an online learning platform that allows teachers and students to stay organized and connected. Schoology can be used for forums, online discussions, online tests and quizzes, and even the creation of standards-aligned rubrics and grade books.


Have you ever wanted to make your own computer game? Do you think your students would enjoy doing that? Scratch uses math and science principles to create code for computer programs.  ELA teachers can also get involved by creating the stories or characters behind the games.  Join us to learn about this fun way to get students problem solving in your classroom.

Trainings can also be done at your campus!
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