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Practical and Productive

Hey there. I hope things are going well in your classes and that you found the last post to be useful. This post is focused on efficiency. We all have lots to do and never seem to have enough time to get it all done. There are a few add-ons and extensions that may help conquer that list of tasks. Whether you are creating a list of resources, printing information for later reading, or typing up a math test, these can be useful. Below are some of the add-ons and extensions I use frequently.

Link Chooser (Google Docs Add-on) - Allows you to hyperlink to files in your Google Drive without leaving your Google Doc. No need to go find the shareable link. It does it for you!

g(Math) (Google Docs Add-on) - Create math equations and graphs in Google Docs. Searching the web for graphs to match equations is a thing of the past. It is easy to use and right where you need it.

Goophy (Google Docs Add-on) - Add gifs to your documents easily. Search and insert them within Google Docs.

Google Keep Extension - Automatically save websites to a Google Keep note with the click of a button. You can add comments or information about the site when adding it to Google Keep as well. Whether planning a trip, creating a resource list for students, or writing a research paper, this makes organizing ideas and resources easy!

Print Friendly and PDF Extension - Print web pages without having all the extra ads in the way. The extension formats the page and allows you to delete any parts you don’t want before you print or save.

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for more resources and tools.

As always, make it a great day!

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